Cast Shadow in Photoshop

What do you do when a drop shadow isn’t realistic enough? Create a cast shadow. When you see an object in a spotlight or a setting sun, you will notice the long shadows that are created behind them, this technique will teach you how to add realism to your images.
Create a case shadow in Photoshop

Touring the GIMP

Touring the GIMP

The GNU Image Manipulation Program (the GIMP) has been called
“Photoshop for Linux”. While the GIMP is not just for Linux and is not
an Adobe Photoshop clone, it is a very powerful image manipulation
program. It is clearly on the other end of the spectrum from TuxPaint
as far as capabilities.

In this first article, Micheal offers a tour of the cabilities. If
you are like me, the GIMP seemed intimidating because it has so many
capabilities. This article will help you get more comfortable with all
the possible things you can do without getting buried in details. In
subsequent articles we will explore some specific capabilities.

Share any size file with MediaFire


Web site MediaFire is a free file hosting service that allows
unlimited file sizes and uploads, as well as unlimited downloads of

The service is really well made, especially the upload progress
page, which gives you a nice view of your upload progress, speed, and
estimated time to complete the upload. Add to that the unlimited
everything for free, and you’ve got what looks like a pretty saucy file
sharing service. In the wake of YouSendIt migrating to more of a pay
service, a lot of readers have been looking for a new host; while there
are a lot of options available (see the comments), MediaFire is the only one I’ve seen with the unlimited upload size. -Adam Pash

Share any size file with MediaFire – Lifehacker