50 Free Photoshop Brush Sets You Should Bookmark

via hongkiat.com by Kay on 05/02/09

free photoshop brushes

If you’ve got an idea (or concept) but find it hard to present on your artwork because the drawings just don’t add up, try Photoshop Brushes. Brushes are designers best friend, particularly web designers who don’t illustrate graphics much.

Adobe Photoshop does comes with a basic package of brushes but it has not been updated by folks at Adobe for quite some time. Thanks to the great community of designers out there who constantly distributing and sharing their brushes, you can almost find brushes of any patterns these days. Whether you are working on a nature-related artwork looking for floral and wood graphics, or merely adding some torn, burned and cracked effects to your artwork – there’s a free brush pack out there and all you need to do is Google.

In today’s post, we attempt to present you some of the high quality and good ones, those we thought would be generally useful in many occasion and definitely worth checking out and bookmark. Here’s our hand-picked of 50 Free and High Quality Photoshop Brush Sets You Should Bookmark. Full list after jump.

Some useful Photoshop related entries we’ve previously written:

  1. Metal Brushes

    9 metal texture brush set.


  2. 2Bit-Twilight Brushes

    A set of 12 abstract pixel brushes for Photoshop. Compatible with Photoshop 8+ / Photoshop Elements 3+.


  3. 8 fantasy butterfly brushes

    8 really beautiful and fantasy butterfly brushes to spice up your painting.


  4. A3D Pieces of Tape Brushes

    Thirty-seven brushes from various torn, wrinkled, pieces of tape brushes made in Photoshop 7.0


  5. Abstract Brushset XIII

    13 awesome abstract brushes.

    abstract brushes

  6. Astral Flora

    Pack contains 8 brushes, including 2 different sized leaves, 1 astral rose, 1 astral flowerbud, 1 astral butterfly, an assortment of whispy, starspangled curves.

  7. Barbed wire brush

    Two barbed wire brushes.


  8. Brush Stroke Brushes

    Made with thick black poster colours. Just great for those pieces needing brush strokes with hard bristles.


  9. Butterflies with Flowers


  10. Zelink’s Cataclysm Brushset

    Can be used for grunge, stars abstract and smoke/forg effects. This set was based upon the stars of the heavens. This set, cataclysm, was designed to bring violent destruction upon the use of other sets. It has many uses and works very well for sigs.


  11. Cracks and cuts brushes

    This pack includes around 80 brushes, all cracks, chips and cuts.


  12. Demolished.Cracks

    Demolished.Cracks pack contains 12 brushes compatible with PS 7 and up!


  13. Fractal Brushes

    There are ten of fractal brushes in total.


  14. CS4 Brushes

    New style of CS4 brushes.


  15. Glow Part I

    There are 11 big brushes made with Photoshop 7.0


  16. Floral Frame Brushes

    Now with these wonderful brushes all you need is Photoshop and the brush tool selected, you’ll create floral frame brushes so awesome that you will love.


  17. Drop Brushes

    A set of brushes for photoshop (created in CS3) with sizes range from about 700px to 1600px.


  18. 5 Checkered PS Brushes


  19. Label Brushes

    The pack contains the the letters of the alphabet, numbers and some extras. Theres a piece of tape and some marks which could be used in white and added to the labels once they’re done to make them look authentic and cool.


  20. TI Graphic Pack 152 Ps Brushes

    152 Photoshop brushes made on Ps CS4.


  21. Metal Mesh Brush

    Metal Mesh Brush by =SocioBunneh.


  22. Hyper Brushes – PS7


  23. 10 Very Big Brushes No.30


  24. MOON BRUSHES for PS7 v.2

    45 moon brushes for ps7, ps8, ps9, ps10.


  25. 25 Tiny Text Brushes 02

    It includes 25 tiny text brushes for icons. The .zip contains an .abr file compatible with Photoshop 7.0 and up.


  26. 20 high-res-stamp brushes

    20 high-resolution stamp brushes.


  27. 122 Brushes


  28. Camera-Stuff

    8 brushes for lens, film and camera.


  29. Architectual ornaments


  30. Crack Brushes I


  31. Echolalie-stock 32

    The package contains 15 different brushes made of different wall pictures. You will find cracks, scratches and dirty brushes.


  32. Floral brushes

    8 large floral brushes, for use on headers and wallpapers.
    7 100×100 floral brushes, for use on icons.


  33. Holes, Holes, Holes

    These hole brushes are higher res so would be good for higher res projects as well.


  34. Girl Brushes


  35. Andantonius’ Pencil Brush

    With this pencil brush and sketch paper action, you can quickly and easily create natural-looking pencil sketches, without the pencil! The brush takes advantage of both pen pressure and tilt to create a very natural feel and look.


  36. Old brushes 8

    Oldies set (8 brushes) for photoshop cs-cs2


  37. Barcodes


  38. Line Brushes

    A pack of solid and dotted lines.


  39. My Sweet Diary Brushes

    The pack contains 70 cute brushes for lines, random scribbles and drawings, animals and a lot of hearts!


  40. Photography Brushes for PSP

    A set of high quality (200dpi scans) 42 photoshop brushes about photography. They are more like illustrations and blueprints of various cameras and photography related processes.


  41. Rainy


  42. Scribbles 4: Musical Notes

    20 handdrawn musical note scribble brushes.


  43. Rock Star Brushes


  44. Smoke Brushes Vol II

    There are just 3 smokes per vol. All of them are more than 1300 px.


  45. The Krako “Tags brushes”


  46. Smudge Brushes


  47. Syringe

    Several different variations and sizes of syringes.


  48. Ischarm Pen Brushes

    A set of 7 pen brushes.


  49. Spider Webs

  50. Industrial Brushes


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