Camera Has Whole Bunch Of Megapixels

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Camera Has Whole Bunch Of Megapixels

In ridiculous

160mp-camera.jpg Is 10 or 12 megapixels just not enough for you? Looking for something with a little more resolution? How about 160MP? That’s what the new Seitz D3 6 x 17 is packing. The 4.5 lb camera takes 60 x 170 mm images with 7,500 x 21,250 pixel resolution. An uncompressed file is just under a gig in size and the thing is so nasty that it functions through a little tablet PC attached to the back. Pretty sweet. I’m thinking this is probably the logical step up from the 1MP HP digital camera I’ve been rocking for nine years now. Unfortunately the $44,414 pricetag made me throw up and soil my pants at the same time. Seitz 160-Megapixel Camera Is An Arm Full [gearfuse] Product Page (with full specs) Thanks to Lincoln, who is very photogenic because he’s so handsome, for the tip

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