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Flickr Mass Downloader

By Martin on pictures

Downloading pictures from Flickr can be a time consuming task, especially if you find a collection that contains dozens or even more pictures that you like and would like to download. A mass downloader for Flickr would aid and help you a lot and reduce the time needed to download all the pictures that you want.

Flickr Down is such a easy to use downloader. You specify a Flickr username, e-mail address, tag or group name and start the search. The search will reveal thumbnails of the images that were found and you can either check the ones that you would like to download or check the search term so that all pictures are downloaded to your computer.

You can specify the directory where the images are saved in. When you made the selection you simply click on download which opens a new window with all the names of the images that you want to download. Images get checked when they have been downloaded.

flickr downloader

The process can take a while depending on your download speed and the amount of images that you have choose. Flickr Down has an authorize option as well that authorizes you at Flickr so that you can download private photos as well.

flickr mass downloader

Flickr Down
requires the .net framework 2.0 from Microsoft.

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